Costs & Fees For Radon Measurement Professionals

by | Sep 15, 2022

We are often asked what costs are associated with becoming a Radon Measurement Professional. Here, we will break down the typical expenses to get started in Colorado.

Minimal Costs

Initial Training$325 – $600
NRPP Exam Fee$150 per attempt
NRPP Certification$305
NRPP Certification Renewal$295 (biannual)
Continuing Education Course (16 hours)$250-$600
State of Colorado License – Initial$435
State of Colorado License – RenewalTo be determined by DORA
Continuous Radon Monitor (x2)$750 – $2,200
Continuous Radon Monitor Calibration$150 – $250 (annual)
Total Initial Cost$2,715 – $3,690
Recurring Costs$695 – $1,800+


Additional Costs

The below fees include association memberships and additional certification body fees, These are optional, but can increase your networking opportunities and reputation.

AARST Membership$199 (annual)
Rocky Mountain AARST Membership$100 (annual)
NRSB Exam Fee$120 per attempt
NRSB Certification Fee$150 (annual)
Total Additional Costs (optional)$569 ($449 annual)
About Sean Williford
Sean is the owner and founder of Spin Radon. Sean has a Bachelor of Science (BS) and and attended postgraduate studies at Harvard Business School. Sean is a National Radon Proficiency Program (NRPP) Residential Measurement Technician (RMT) and is the Executive Director of the Accreditation-Council for Radon Measurement & Training (ARMT).